Android Auto Overview

April 28th, 2020 by

Have you seen the latest technology in 2019 vehicles? These cars now feature infotainment systems with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With Android Auto, you can use your smartphone’s features to access text messaging, calls, radio, Spotify, and other media. You can also use features like Google Assistant and Waze while driving without ever having to look at your phone.

If you have ever been distracted by your phone, then you know it could be helpful to have something that automatically keeps your focus on the road. You can also see other driver assistance features when you take a test drive at Maserati of Santa Barbara located in Santa Barbara, CA. You can experience blind spot monitoring, lane departure assist, rearview parking assist, and traffic alerts.

There are a variety of new vehicles and used certified cars that use Android Auto. You can now access it when you take a test drive. Whether you want to drive with no distractions or control everything with voice commands, you can do so with the latest vehicles.

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