Attaching the Right Cables

April 28th, 2020 by

Sometimes, your battery might die without warning. If this happens, you don’t have to buy another battery right away. Instead, you can use another car to jump-start yours. The first thing that you need to do is locate the posts on your battery. Most of them are located on the top of the battery, but there are some that are on the side.

The cars should be in park or neutral while you’re on the side of the road or in a parking lot in Santa Barbara, CA. Make sure you attach the red clip on the cable to the positive post and the other clip to the negative post. The other clip on the cable will usually be black. Complete the same action on the battery of the other car.

Start the other vehicle so that the battery can charge yours. After a few minutes, try to start your vehicle. This jump-start should last long enough so that you can get to Maserati of Santa Barbara to get a new battery.

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